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Our Products


Scrub Shirts

Make your colleagues jealous with our animal-print scrub shirts! Choose from Australian Wildlife, Exotic Animals, Marine-life, Domestic Animals, and even Custom Prints (like your favourite movie!)


Staff Accessories

Glam up your plain scrubs with our animal-print accessories, including Surgical Hats, Face Masks, Pouches and Stethoscope Covers!


Personal Accessories

Loving the animal prints? Check out our array of Scrunchies, Face Masks, Tote Bags - and even dog bandanas for your fur-kids!


Clinic Accessories

Wanting to share the love? We have some items that may be useful in your clinic - including reusable surgical shoe covers, patient doughnuts and fluid bag covers!

How does your purchase help our wildlife?

Every Wild Scrubs product is made of animal-print fabric, with a large majority made from Australian Wildlife prints. Not only do these patterns encourage people to ask questions about the wildlife that you're wearing, but 15% of profits from every purchase each month are sent to a different wildlife conservation organisation. Check out the link below to see how Wild Scrubs contributes to wildlife conservation!


Have questions?

Wanting a custom order?


Yes we do Custom orders! Simply head on over to our Contact page and send us a message with us much detail as you can about what you're after (whether it's a fabric type, changes to your order or a new idea altogether) and we'll see what we can do!

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