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About Wild Scrubs

Where it all Began

Wild Scrubs was created in 2019 after seeing some amazing Australian Wildlife fabric and thinking how fantastic it would look on a scrub shirt (which it did!). Knowing that everyone loves animal scrub shirts, especially unique ones, we decided to use these amazing animal fabrics to our advantage to contribute to conservation– thus, Wild Scrubs was born. 

Starting our business through Etsy, Wild Scrubs has received 663 orders, sold 1250 items, and received 157 5-star reviews for our Scrub Shirts, Scrub Hats and other medical accessories. In 2022 we decided to formalise our business and finally move onto a website.

Wondering why our prices are a bit higher than standard companies? Nearly every single item in our shop is made to order - this means that we can customise every order to make sure your product is perfect. This means that every item needs to be cut out, pinned and sewed prior to dispatch - which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the product (with most items made by myself alongside a full time shift-work job). Over the years our prices have increased as we refine our skills and support more local Australian companies (who's fabrics are a bit more expensive but always better to support local!). We also aim to increase our donation contribution to Wildlife Conservation as much as we can. So we thank you for supporting our local business and our wildlife!

How do we support Wildlife?

Wild Scrubs has multiple contributions to wildlife conservation:

- Each shirt or accessory item is made with fabric covered in Australian Native Wildlife fabric, Exotic Animals and Marine Life. Not only does this allow a customer to show off their favourite animal, but encourages other people to ask questions, sparking conversations regarding wildlife and conservation. Education is the cornerstone for awareness! Whilst our Native Mammal and Bird fabrics are still our top sellers, we have expanded to include Exotic Mammals/Birds, Marine Life, Reptiles, Amphibians and Domestic animals to cater for the favourite species of every individual nurse and doctor out there.

- Every month, we tally 15% of profits and donate it to a different wildlife conservation organisation - from large research projects to small wildlife carer groups. We aim to cover lots of different species, but always open to recommendations if you have a orgnisation you'd like us to support! We would like to  primarily focus on Australian Wildlife Conservation but also support International organisations.

- We aim to minimise our environmental footprint by creating reusable items to replace single-use disposable clinic items - including scrub hats and foot covers. All of our accessories are made out of scrap shirt fabric - though this means we only have certain items available, it means that we can minimise our contribution to landfill by recycling our leftover fabric. We also only purchase business cards made of recycled paper, and ship our items using compostable mailing satchels.

Check out some of the different conservation organisations we have supported below - we will update these as much as we can!

IMG_7494 2.jpg

Meet the Team!

Amy (Left)

I'm a Wildlife Vet Nurse by trade, spending my days treating and rehabilitating wildlife on the Sunshine Coast. In my spare time, I run Wild Scrubs and hand make most of our products, and look after my two fur-babies (beagles) and two scaley-babies (turtle and bearded dragon). 

Sharyn (Right)

Sharyn (my amazing mother) is a primary teacher in Sydney by trade. She taught me how to sew, and assists in the design of some of our more unique products - and is the sole producer of our amazing Nurse Pouches when her busy teaching schedule allows!

What organisations have we supported?

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors -

Australian Koala Foundation -

Australian Marine Conservation Society -

Australian Platypus Conservancy -

Australian Quoll Conservancy -

Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue -

Butterfly Conservation SA -

Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Faciilty -

Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue -

Flynn's Walk -

Giraffe Conservation Foundation -

Kangaroo Haven Wildlife Rescue -

Love Your Pet, Love Your Vet -

Project Numbat -

Raptor Refuge -

Rottnest Foundation -

Save the Bilby Fund

Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal (University of Tasmania) -

The Rescue Collective (Wildlife and Bushfire Appeal) -

Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre -

Zoos Victoria (Mountain Pygmy Possum Conservation) -

Have an organisation you'd like to recommend? Send us an email and we can check them out!

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Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 6.36.28 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 6.33.19 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 6.33.50 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 6.32.51 pm.png


"The quality and craftsmanship towards this scrub top was amazing. Thank you Amy for being such a pleasant and great communicator, you have truly done an amazing job! I returned to work recently and everyone loved it so much. Definitely brought a lot of cheer on the hospital ward. Highly recommended!"

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