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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are the scrub shirts different prices?
    Our scrub shirts are made of various different types of cottons - primarily poplin (a thinner, lighter cotton) and quilting cotton (a slightly thicker cotton) in various widths. Our scrub shirts are also sourced from a variety of locations, including larger stores (e.g. Spotlight), local private sellers and Australian small businesses online. Our prices change depending on the fabric that is being used, where the fabric was sourced and how much fabric was needed for the shirt depending on the width of the fabric. We chase unique patterns so sometimes this can cost a little more!
  • How long should I expect to wait to receive my order?
    Wild Scrubs is a small business fulfilled on the side of a full-time shift work job. Nearly every single item is made to order so we can make a customer's order perfect, however this means there may be a wait. Our shirts take approximately 2 hours to make from start to finish so this can take a little bit of time! Depending on the amount of orders received, we can generally produce within 1-2 weeks of your order placement before shipping them off. However, we ask that you allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be dispatched. You will then receive a shipping notification - your Parcel will be shipped with Australia Post and should arrive within 1-2 weeks of dispatch. If you require an urgent order, please let us know and we'll see what we can do in terms of priority production and shipping, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • If an item is sold out, how long until it is back in stock?
    Wild Scrubs has a huge range of diversity in its fabrics and items. To save costs and storage, we generally only have a few items available in each print. If a print is sold out, we generally try to have it back up for sale within a few weeks. Some of our prints are unique and cannot be re-ordered, but we will generally remove these from the site if they will not be available in the future. If a pre-made item is sold out (e.g. our Nursing Pouches) their availability will depend on our free time. Most of our Pouches are unique so we only make one of each - If you really like a particular pattern, let us know and we may be able to replicate it for you, otherwise wait and see what other unique patterns pop up!
  • Do you make Custom Orders?
    Nearly every one of our items is made to order so we can absolutely help with Custom Orders - whether its a Custom Print or a Custom Item. Wanting a shirt / accessory made out of a particular print (e.g. Disney or a particular species)? Please keep in mind that most of the time we will need to order in fabric which can take time / extra funds so our custom items may be a little more expensive. If you are searching around for fabrics, we use Woven Cotton. If you are wanting an entirely new item (e.g. a different scrub cap style) let us know and we'll see what we can do and work out a cost for you! If you are simply wanting to change/add something to an order (e.g. an extra pocket or different sizing) feel free to check what options are available whilst ordering or let me know prior to placing your order.
  • What size should I order?
    Unsure what size to order? Our scrub shirts relatively line up with generic sizing, but for an accurate sizing we recommend finding a measuring tape and checking your bust, length and waist measurements then compare them to our Size chart. If you receive your order and it's the wrong size, that's fine! Simply let us know and we can either: - Make a new size and exchange your order free of charge (we just ask that you post back the previous shirt) - Place a new order and keep both shirts - Your replacement order will be a priority and jump to the front of the queue If you need to make any adjustments to sizing (e.g. make the shirt a little shorter) simply let us know in your order comments!
  • I'm wanting to place a large staff order. Is this possible?
    Being a small business, Wild Scrubs isn't equipped to fulfil large orders in a short period of time. The maximum number of shirts we could do is approximately 10-20 with a decent time frame to fulfil the order (depending on how many other orders we have). For larger orders we recommend looking around that other companies that may be able to assist. If you are wanting to place an order for your business, please contact me first so we can discuss what may be possible to achieve.
  • How should I wash my items?
    All of our items are made of 100% cotton (either poplin or quilting cotton) - therefore the care for nearly all of our items are the same! Items should initially be washed with a colour remover and washed prior to use. Ideally, items should be washed in cold to warm water (hot water can cause shrinkage). Items should ideally be air-dried, but can be tumble dried on a low setting and removed as soon as warm to minimise wrinkles. Keep in mind that shrinkages may possibly occur over time. Cotton fabric can wrinkle so shirts may require ironing if desired. Some of our items have additional components - e.g. face masks (containing nose bridges and elastics), doughnuts (containing fabric scraps), scrunchies (containing elastic), pouches (containing padding/clips) - these are all able to be washed as above but keep in mind integrity may decrease over time. As per the Face Mask listing, if you are ordering a Mask with a nose bridge, please avoid excessive bending as this may cause the metal nose strip to snap.
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