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Need to wear uniform scrubs at work but want to jazz up your clinic? Look no further than our animal-print hats!


Our Surgical Hats are lightweight and made of animal-print cotton - which means they can be washed and autoclaved for re-use and minimising the need for single-use disposable caps. Our hats are designed for 'shorter hair' (i.e. they do not have a long-hair component) and have a secure tie to keep the hat in place.


Our Surgical Hats have two style options:


- Colour - The hats can be made in all-pattern (just printed fabric), or with a contrast plain-coloured tie around the base (and simply write in the order notes if you're after a particular colour, otherwise we'll decide what looks best for you!)


- Pattern Choice -  You can choose if you would like your hat Single-Sided (one layer of patterned fabric) or double sided (two layers of different reversible patterned fabric). If you would like our double-sided hat, Simply place an order for BOTH a Surgical Hat (1 pattern - $25) and a Reversible Pattern of your choice (second pattern - +$5).


Our Hats and Masks are made from scrap shirt fabric, so if you are interested in a pattern that isn’t pictured, simply let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Please allow 2 WEEKS' production time for any accessories.


Every purchase contributes directly to wildlife conservation!

Wallaby Scrub Hat

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