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Jazz up your clinic and your hips with our animal-print nursing pouches! Our nurse pouches have been custom designed to suit your nursing needs (we even got feedback of nurses to see what they wanted in a pouch before we designed ours!) 


Our pouches are unique in having a padded body and belt, so you barely feel that they're there! They are multi-layered to have a secure base to ensure pens don't poke through. And they are adjustable to suit different waist sizes!


Our pouches are made to order - choose your design! Please note that our pouches are complex to make and can take 2-8 weeks to produce (depending on our order list). Make sure you see our 'Product Specifications' below to understand what options are available when making your pouch!



- Small Pouch - 13cm (wide) x 19cm (tall)

- Large Pouch -  26cm (wide) x 19cm (tall)



- Padded base and waistband with easy clip and adjustable strap - can be adjust to ~92 - 150cm girth.

- 3.5cm wide pen / instrument pockets (small -12 or large-16)

- 11cm wide notebook / calculator pocket (small-1 or large-4) with optional zipper attachment

- Padded pouch for comfort with supported base to prevent pens poking through

- Contrast coloured pockets to allow the pattern to stand out - we will generally match background colours. Please write in order notes if you have a colour preference.


Optional Additions

- A flap over the smaller pockets to prevent pens / instruments falling out when doing more physical tasks 

- A back pocket (to tuck a pouch into or hold reference cards)

- 2 x side tabs (one closed for keys, one able to open for tape etc.)

- A zippered top to one of the larger pockets (or this is left as a 'normal' open pocket)

- Option to choose your own contrast colour (write in order notes)


Our pouches are made from scrap fabric so we have limited fabric options, but please let us know if you're after something in particular and we can see what we can do!


Rabbit and Guinea Pig Pouch

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