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Following mask mandates but sick of your plain black mask? Want a facial covering while doing simple procedures? At Wild Scrubs, we have a few different styles of face mask available, all in your favourite animal prints!


All of our masks are made with double-layered cotton with an interfacing filter integrated between the layers and soft elastic for your ears or cotton ties. You then have the choice of:



- Fitted Cup Style - a cup-shaped mask that contours the face

- Pleated Style - a square concertina style mask (similar to disposable medical masks)

- Pleated Style with Ties - as above, but with cotton ties either side to secure behind your head rather than elastic. These ties are made using a matching plain contrast colour (or write the colour of your choice in your order notes!)

- Anti-Fog Mask - OPTION of adding in a nose wire (0.5cm wide flat metal plate) in any mask to secure over the nose. NOTE - avoid bending these masks too much as the wire can become weak.



- Single sided - pattern on the front, plain colour on the back

- Double-sided - choose a different pattern on both sides (simply add a Mask order and 'Reversible Print Only' on your second pattern choice).


Our Face Masks are made from scrap shirt fabric, so if you are interested in a pattern that isn’t pictured, simply let us know and we’ll see what we can do!  Every purchase contributes directly to wildlife conservation! Please allow 2 WEEKS' production time for any accessories.


Note: Our masks are facial covers and are NOT medical grade. They should only be worn to reduce particles entering the mouth, and not as a sole disease protectant.


Macaw (Blue) Face Mask

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