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Protect your socks and the inside of your boots from water and debris with these Boot covers!


Made of a thicker 100% cotton drill, these boot covers have an elastic top and flared bottom, making them easy to slight right on and allowing you to get to work even quicker! Though not a completely waterproof fabric, the thicker cotton allows these covers to be water resistant for short periods of time.


These are a new product so we are starting with a couple of pattern options, but if we have lots of interest we will expand our range and move to a more water-resistant fabric! All of our accessories are made from scrap shirt fabric, so if you are interested in a pattern that isn’t pictured, simply let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Every purchase contributes directly to wildlife conservation! Please allow 2 WEEKS' production time for any accessories.


Each purchase comes with a pair of boot covers.

Jaguar Boot Covers

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