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Sick of everyone stealing your stethoscope? Make your stethoscope truly identifiable with our stethoscope socks!


Not only are our stethoscope socks made of super fun patterns so they stand out from the crowd, but they are made using 100% cotton so it's nice and soft on your neck. Simply slide the cover on your stethoscope, clasp it in place at the neck, and secure it with the elastic above the bell!

This is a new item to our store so we only have a handful of patterns available but will hopefully increase our range if we have enough interest!


All of our accessories are made from scrap shirt fabric, so if you are interested in a pattern that isn’t pictured, simply let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Every purchase contributes directly to wildlife conservation! Please allow 2 WEEKS' production time for any accessories.


Please note that Stethoscope socks may be considered a contamination risk between patients - please purchase appropriately. 

Alien Stethoscope Sock

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