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Sick of trying to find something to cover light-sensitive fluids? Wild Scrubs now has Fluid Bag / Syringe Covers available!


Made of double-layered 100% cotton (a fun layer on the front and a black layer underneath for maximum light prevention), these covers can easily be slipped on - they have a hole at the top to allow you to hang your fluids, and velcro at the base to seal any light as much as possible. Our Syringe Covers have a Velcro line which allow you to easily wrap it around the syringe. Our 1L bag covers can be used for any sized fluid bags, however keep in mind that you will not be able to visualise the drip chamber.


This is a new item to our store so we only have a handful of patterns available but will hopefully increase our range if we have enough interest! All of our accessories are made from scrap shirt fabric, so if you are interested in a pattern that isn’t pictured, simply let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Every purchase contributes directly to wildlife conservation! Please allow 2 WEEKS' production time for any accessories.


Please note: This is not a medical grade item. Please purchase and use with care - we simply try to maximise protection against light.

Birds and Bugs Fluid Bag Covers

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